About Us

We are immigration consultants/agents who provide expert advice in whatever immigration issue you are considering. We take the burden off  you by meticulously preparing and submitting your case on  your behalf.

Why Choose Us?

We know that it can be a challenge to understand the Irish immigration system, so our team of immigration consultants offers confidential advice and support services to both individual and corporate clients in dealing with the Irish Immigration Authorities. We aim to simplify Irish Immigration law for you.

We work with you in preparing an application, documentation and any related information connected to your case. We then submit that application on your behalf. SG Immigration agents are there to help and guide you throughout the whole process.We pledge to make your immigration journey to Ireland as smooth and easy as possible.

This office provides you with advice and all the necessary support you and your case requires. Our goal is to simplify the whole process for you as much as possible.We take the pain so you don’t have to!

Even if we cant help directly, we’ll make sure to find someone who can.

Please note, we are not immigration solicitors, nor do we have any influence over immigration practices or decisions. However, in Ireland, you do not require an immigration solicitor to submit an application relating to your immigration status, an immigration agent can submit an application on your behalf at only a fraction of the cost.”

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What makes us different?

What makes us different from other immigration agencies? We are different for many reasons, but in particular because of our flexibility and mobility of services:

Our immigration agency works to accommodate our clients needs. You can’t make it to an appointment because of work commitments? You’re too busy looking after someone so you have no free time to get that much sought after advice? Fear not! Because we will come to you. We will go that extra mile to ensure that you have the peace of mind that you crave and that you deserve. At all times, We work for you and for your convenience.

We are experts in Irish immigration law

What To Expect?

What you can expect when you become one of our clients: