Employment / Work Permits

We work with individual and business clients  to take the pain out of the immigration process. Our knowledge and expertise smooths the path of the often overcomplicated immigration system.

Who do we assist?

Anyone who needs immigration advice but principally we assist non EU/EEA nationals. The main reason for this is that for a non-EU/EEA national to be able to work in Ireland they need to apply for permission first.

There are 9 different types of an Employment/Work Permit.

General Employment Permits, previously known as work permits, are accessible to those who earn €30,000 or more. These permits will only be available in exceptional cases for those who earn a lower bracket of income than the €30,000 threshold. Generally, a labour market needs test is required.

Critical Skills Employment Permits, previously known as Green Card permits, are available for those who earn in excess of €64,000. The one caveat to this is that they are also available for people who earn €32,000 or more under the Critical Skills Occupations List( previously known as Highly Skilled Occupations list). There is no obligation for a labour market needs test.

A Dependant/Partner/Spouse Employment Permit applies to a dependant of a Critical Skills Employment Permits holder, or a researcher on a Hosting Agreement. It is important to take note, that a dependant will be deemed to be someone other than a spouse or de facto partner.

Reactivation Employment Permits grant foreign nationals who have entered the state on a legitimate employment permit, but who have fallen out of the system through no fault of their own, or who have been wrongly treated or abused in their work environment, to work again. Applicants for one of these permits must first apply to the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) for a temporary immigration permission stamp 1.

Intra-Company Transfer Employment Permits facilitate key employees, such as senior management and trainees, working in an overseas branch of a multinational company to transfer to the Irish branch.  However, there are a number of caveats; employees must be earning at least €40,000 a year and have been employed with the company for at least 6 months, and trainees must be earning at least €30,000 a year and have been employed with the company for at least 1 month.

Contract for Services Employment Permits facilitate allowing the transfer of non EEA employees to work on an Irish contract in Ireland whilst still remaining in an employment contract outside of the state.  In most cases, a labour market needs test is obligated.

Internship Employment Permits are available for non EEA nationals who are working full time as students  and who are working outside of the state and who have been offered a work experience job opportunity in Ireland.

Sport and Cultural Employment permits are granted for those who are in employment in Ireland in respect of the development, operation and capacity of sporting and cultural activities.

Exchange Agreement Employment Permits are applicable for those employed in Ireland under prescribed agreements, such as, the Fulbright Program for researchers and academics.